When your bundles first arrive you want to do a co-wash. Which is necessary to ensure cleanliness prior to install. Co-washing the hair also unlocks your bundles moisture, keeps the hair soft and manages the texture.

How to co-wash bundles

1. Leaving the wrapping on the bundles whether plastic or rubber band. Fill your sink or bowl with temped temperatured water.

2. Add your moisturizing conditioner to the water about 2-3 caps full and then add your bundles to the water.

3. Make sure the bundles are saturated in the solution for at least 15mins. If coarser hair origin add a dime sized amount of conditioner to each individual bundle and work through with a wide tooth comb.


Do not roughly manipulate the hair while it's in the solution, gently run your fingers from the ends to base to remove any tangles.

4. Rinse the bundles individually in natural fall (following gravitational pull) with cool water(seals in moisture), remove access water and allow your bundles to air or hang dry.

Hair Maintenance & Styling

- Wrapping, braiding, and twisting your hair can help prevent matting, tangling, and shedding.

- During workouts and slumber for instance your head and body naturally perspire which releases salt. That salt can cause the natural oils in the hair to dry out, which then can cause issues. To avoid it's imperative that you properly cleanse and secure your bundles. Use a moisturizing shampoo with a low PH balance.Use a satin scarf, satin sheets and don't fall asleep on your hair. Don't neglect washing after continuous physical activity or swimming to remove the chlorine. Co-wash bi weekly if possible but I recommend shampooing only when necessary or when hair is weighed down in product.

-Never comb or brush the hair when it's excessively dry or covered in product, oils, etc. as it can cause breakage. Always start with damp hair in small sections and manipulate from the ends, up the hair shaft.

-With curly hair its easiest to manage damp. Simply spray down with water and use a light weight leave-in conditioner spray or light weight moose to define the curls. Scrunch dry to reform curl. Allow it to air dry and then leave it in it's natural state. Do large two strand twists to maintain the texture, be sure that your hair is 100% dry before placing scarf or bonnet on head.

-After bleaching or harsh coloring keep the hair replenished with moisture. Use a light weight oil and condition regularly. Please seek a professional colorist to avoid damage. 

-Hot tools are to be used thoughtfully as you do not want to fry the hair. A lightweight heat protectant is fine, heat index should stay between 375-425 degrees although the hair reacts to heat and holds styles well, be smart. To avoid constant heat use rollers, pin curls, or flexi rods.

Things to remember

- The hair is no longer attached to a living cell, there for it does not receive the necessary nutrients it once had when attached to donor. It's okay to add a small dime sized amount of light weight oil like Argan to your extensions periodically but do not weigh it down in product.

-Which brings me to the point that ALL hair sheds, even the hair on your head sheds multiple times a day 7 days a week. However, with the proper wefts shedding is avoidable. The keys to preventing shedding :

1. Don't excessively cut the wefts

2. Don't roughly manipulate the hairs on the weft

3. Use a wide tooth comb or wig brush only when cleaning or manipulating hair

-Remember this is not natural hair therefore you can not use natural hair care products on this origin of hair. No heavy oils, curl releasing conditioners etc. If you don't have our products we suggest Tresseme conditioners. 

Following these care instructions will ensure that your investment will be in great quality condition for an extended period of time. Failure to at least try these tips can result in a shorter life span for your hair