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Leaving the wrapping on the bundles whether plastic or rubber band wash bundles. 


Do not roughly manipulate the hair while washing, gently run your fingers from the ends to base to remove any tangles.

Rinse the bundles individually remove access water with a wide tooth comb or paddle brush once combed allow your bundles to air or hang dry.


-Never comb or brush the hair when it's excessively dry or covered in product, as it can cause breakage. Always start with damp hair in small sections and manipulate from the ends, up the hair shaft.

-With curly hair its easiest to manage damp. Simply spray down with water and scrunch dry to reform curl. Allow it to air dry and then leave it in it's natural state. 

-Hot tools are to be used thoughtfully as you do not want to fry the hair. A lightweight heat protectant is fine, although the hair reacts to heat and holds a curl well, be smart. To avoid constant heat use pin curls, or flexi rods.


- Wrapping, braiding, pineapple, twisting your hair can help prevent matting, tangling, and shedding.