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Inspirational, quirky, passionate and a trailblazer are just a few words to describe celebrity weavologist Tammy Carraway, aka, Closet Chick. Closet Chick has single-handedly transformed the art of installing a weave with her signature No hair Out #MyPart.

Doing hair for over fifteen years, Closet Chick has managed to remain anonymous with a select few having access to her chair. Her location, The Closet, is an intimate and cozy closet like Red-Box found in Los Angeles, where clients have complete privacy while she does her magic of installing and creating her "MYPART". 

Her signature technique the "MYPART" is natural looking with no hair out, done at the base of the hair, giving the illusion of authenticity due to the real scalp showing.

Hairstylists from all over the U.S, Africa and Europe have tried to copy the"MYPART" but none have come close to what Closet Chick has created.

Her goal is to share and educate aspiring hairstylists and weavologists to be innovators and encourage them to go after their dreams. Closet Chick‚Äôs next move is to open up her closet and give more women the opportunity to sit in her chair. She would also like to be part of various beauty panels discussing the fundamentals of weaving and creating a unique service for clients.

She has worked with some of the industries well known urban models, actresses, singers and TV personalities from Tiny, MelyssaFord, Kelly Price, Love and Hip Hop Stars, Kym Whitley to name a few and is now ready to offer the the world her services without giving away her trade secret, the "Mypart".